Who is Callie Vegas?

Callie Vegas was a passion project. I wanted to start writing very steamy and explicit novellas and rapid release them. I wanted to start out new and see could I do it. I released a book every 6-8 weeks for a year and it worked out really well for me. Then life got in the way.

Now, I have some more steamy novellas for you that I am going to release this year and next.

So, if you like steamy, sexy novellas where there is always a happy ending, then Callie Vegas is the page to hang about on.

Holiday Fling Series

The books in the Holiday Fling Series are all complete standalones, they just all take place over a different holiday during the year. These are short, steamy novellas with happy endings.


Sexy Single Dad. Innocent Nanny, Insane Chemistry


St Patricks Day.
Mile High Club


Seductively Dirty. Chocolate.


Military Homecoming. Unexpected love


Holidays. Heartbreak. One-Night Stands

Sexy millionaire Noah doesn’t trust women. The day after his son was born his ex-wife walked out on them both. Lex is his whole life and he doesn’t need anyone else. Ever.

Emma is the one that got away. She was always out of Noah’s league. Now she’s standing in his lounge with her suitcase in her hand to be his live-in nanny. No way is that happening.

Emma doesn’t have a plan in life. She’s coasting along waiting for the next great opportunity to land in her lap. Which is how she ended up accepting a job working for the man who was her secret crush for years.

Will these two lost souls be able to heal each other?

Or has too much water passed under the bridge?

The St. Patricks Day parade is really special to Ellie. She travels around America to visit a different city each year, but her dream is to go to Ireland and see a real St. Patricks Day parade.
On her journey she meets Patrick, a handsome Irishman. She hopes to cross off a couple of items on her bucket list.
See a St. Patricks Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland ✔
Meet a gorgeous Irishman ✔
Only Patrick has some bucket list items of his own that he wants to cross off.
Join the Mile High Club ✔
Follow Ellie and Patrick’s naughty journey from New York to Dublin and back again as they have the St. Patricks weekend they will never forget.

Harley really loves chocolate so when she is given the opportunity to subscribe to an exclusive chocolatier’s club she readily signs up, not knowing what exotic delights await her.

Seductive Chocolate is the brainchild of Blake Thornton.

As a chocolate connoisseur, his ultimate goal is to share his love of chocolate with his other passion… women.

When Harley receives a red velvet invitation to one of Seductive Chocolate’s Easter Events in Austria, she is excited and incredibly intrigued.

What happens when these two chocolate lovers come together?

Will their love of chocolate bring them together or drive them apart?

Harley & Blake’s story will take you from the safety of vanilla and give you a peek into a world where chocolate never tasted so good.

Brothers in arms – Chase and Angel are on leave and heading to Angel’s hometown ‘Red Rock’ for their 4th of July celebrations.

Chase’s motto is ‘hump ‘em and dump ‘em’. That is, until he meets her.

Fiercely independent ‘Ty’ runs the Red Rock Tavern (it’s been in her family for years) and it has fallen on hard times. Ty has borrowed heavily on trying to keep her family business afloat, but she owes the wrong people… And they are coming…

When Chase walks into her bar, he’s the perfect distraction Ty needs.

What happens when emotions start to get in the way?

The fuses have been lit and they are burning…

Will it be just the fireworks that will explode?

Holly loves Christmas. Or she did until she found her fiancé, Trey, cheating on her. In HER bed.

The best way to get over a guy Is to get under another one, or so her friends tell her!

Her besties come up with a plan to help her get over Trey for once and for all.

They devise a plan which they call ‘Operation: Get Holly Laid.’

Join Holly and her friends in their laughter, sex, tears & the odd temper tantrum as we find out, did Holly get laid?



Porn Star.
Fake Identity.
Second Chance Romance


Tattoo Artist
Insane Chemistry


Bachelorette Party. Best Man. Secrets to be told

JAX RYDER is the hottest adult movie star in Vegas and he loves his life.

He can have any woman he wants, when he wants and how he wants.

Why would he have a relationship when he has sex with women for a living?

AURORA BLUE is new to the adult movie industry and she is only doing it as a temporary measure to make some money to get a better life for her and her son, Blake.

But, there’s a problem

These two movie stars knew each other before they were anything other than just plain old Eva and Jackson – high school sweethearts who were madly in love. Jackson was a broken man when Eva left in the middle of the night and never came back.

Now, unbeknown to them, they’re going to meet on the set of their new film and the sparks between them are going to ignite into a raging furnace.

Can Eva keep her SECRET from him any longer?

Will they get their SECOND chance at love?

Watch the heat and passion these two people have for each other EXPLODE right in front of your eyes.

WARNING: This book contains instalovehot & dirty sex , a secret baby and chemistry that will melt your kindle.

Taboo. Desire. Need.

I want her.

But I can’t have her.

She’s innocent. I’m as far from innocent as you can get. Yet I still want her.

She comes into my life unannounced and proceeds to turn all aspects of it upside down and inside out.

The sexual chemistry is off the charts and even though I know she’s a good girl, I want to be the one who teaches her how to be a dirty girl.

There’s just one problem.

She’s my step-sister and I’ve been warned to stay away.

I never did listen to anyone. She’s going to be mine and I don’t care who stands in my way.

**If you like brooding, sexy, dirty, tattooed alphas then this book is for you. Be warned:- the sex is off the charts and although it will leave you satisfied each time, you’ll want more hot, dirty sex.

With a guaranteed HEA, an alpha, and an innocent girl who has an inner dirty diva, you won’t look at your stepbrother in the same way ever again.

Sex. Lies. Secrets never to be told!

For bride-to-be Joss Ford, what happens in Hawaii definitely does not stay in Hawaii.

Whilst celebrating her last days of freedom with her best friends at her bachelorette party in a private resort in Hawaii, Joss shares some deep secrets with them and she’s convinced to truly let go for once in her life. When she meets a handsome stranger she embarks on her first and last one-night stand.

Simple. Meet someone. Sleep with them. Walk away in the morning. Never see them again. Easy!!

Wrong again!

Saul Harrison is lost. Rugged, and handsome, he has many notches on his bedpost, and when he meets a beautiful stranger one night, he is delighted to add another one. After an incredible night, Saul wakes looking forward to morning sex and much more, but is disappointed when the woman of his dreams walks out of his life. Never to be seen again!

Never say never!

Joss and Saul’s lives become entangled in ways they could never imagine. A life full of secrets and lies.

Can true love conquer all…or will their lives be shattered irrevocably?

Grab your copy today and find out what did happen in Hawaii!

*This was previously published as The Best Man by Callie Vegas.



Steamy Sexting.
Daddy issues
Older Man, Younger Woman


Steamy Sexting.
New to dating
Younger Man, Older Woman



Who doesn’t want a bit of Daddy Love?

When surrounded by younger men, Emilia decides that she’s had enough. She wants someone who can dominate her but cuddle her at the same time. A man who makes her feel special. Safe. Loved. She thinks that it’s time to strike out and be matched with someone older. Not ancient, but maybe ten years older than her.

When she gets introduced to SEXT:MATE, Emilia gets creeped out by the amount of much older men on the app. Like seriously, these could be her grandad.

But when one man, DADDY, starts talking to her, she can’t help but fall for him. He’s everything she wants in a man. Can she find the courage to meet him? Will he be the daddy she’s been looking for or was it all a lie?

A younger woman, older man romance. Filled with humour and sexy chat.

Hot, sensual, sexy, and fun. Sarah was devastated when she caught her husband cheating on her and when she started over again she knew that getting back into dating was going to be hard.

When her best friend, Alyssa introduces her to the newest dating app SEXT:MATE, Sarah isn’t sure she can do it.

Learning to love all over again can be daunting, but what better way than being able to talk freely about your desires, fetishes, and anything sexual?

Watch Sarah grow from an innocent texter to a hot sexter, but can she find love, or was it all just a big con?

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