Who is KM Pyne?

I wanted to write books for my teenage daughter to read and she would definitely NOT be able to read my Krissy V books. 

So, I wrote a series of books with a teenage detective, kind of like Nancy Drew meets Pretty Little Liars. If you want your teenagers to learn about being catfished on the internet, teenage jealousy and cyberbullying them the Ruby Knight Chronicles are the books that you need to get.

There are two standalone books. One is a contemporary royal romance set in an academy, and the other is a paranormal romance where the guy is the mermaid.

Ruby Knight Chronicles

Mixology is a cocktail bar in the UK. It is run by the James family. Each of them has a book and very different stories.

They are naughty, steamy and you will love them.

Each chapter is named after a naughty cocktail which refers to something in that chapter.

Are you ready to check out Mixology?






When Ruby Knight’s best friend, Catriona Taylor disappears, she has a feeling something isn’t quite right.

After Ruby pays a visit to Catriona’s Aunt, she’s faced with many questions.

Has Catriona run away? Is she really on holiday with her parents? Or has something more sinister happened to her?

Can Ruby find Catriona? Or should she ask her detective Mam for help?

Follow Ruby on her journey to find her best friend!

If you like ‘Nancy Drew’ or ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ then The Ruby Knight Chronicles is the perfect mash up! – Beta Reader

Once again Ruby Knight finds herself dragged into her Mam’s World. This time someone at her school is out for revenge!

Ruby, along with her friends, have to work out who is murdering students … Why they are murdering them? … What do they ultimately want?

At the same time relationships are made and some are broken, but will Ruby find the killer in time?

Or will someone else have to perish at the hands of a killer?

Everything is too quiet when Ruby, Riley and Catriona go back to school. It sounds like bliss to the three amateur detectives. But from experience they know that it won’t last long.

Niamh O’Reilly, a fellow student in Ruby’s class, posts nasty things about her classmates on Chatty, causing a lot of arguments and disgust.
She shares secrets, bitchy comments and photos of her classmates in compromising situations, including one of Riley and an unknown girl. How will Ruby overcome this ultimate betrayal?

Can Ruby and Catriona stay friends through these difficult times? Will Ruby forgive Riley? Who the hell is Niamh O’Reilly anyway and why is she hellbent on pushing everyone away?

Ruby is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and is prepared to go it alone if she has to.

No one acts like this without a good reason. What is Niamh O’Reilly’s story?

Will there be a happy ending?






Rules are for fools!

Jake rebelled one too many times and has been sent away from his native Sweden to military school in Alaska. No one knows the real him as he was forced to change his name and start over. All he can think about is escaping his prison and his mundane life.

Until he sees her.

Ellie has been sent to boarding school to get her away from the conflict in her country. She has been there for three years and hates every day more than the previous one. When she is given an opportunity to take part in the Olympiad tournament she jumps at the chance to get out of the school. All she wants is to run away from her life, which is full of rules and obligations.

Until she sees him.

They are brought together in their braininess, their quick wit and their passion for escaping their mundane worlds. After spending time together they decide to run away from school and their familial responsibilities.

What happens when two hearts beat as one but family obligations threaten to separate them?

Do opposites really attract? Sophia and Nix couldn’t be more different if they tried. However, this doesn’t stop them from taking what they want.

When a starfish lands on Sophia on the beach she remembers something her granny once told her. After making her wish it doesn’t take long for it to come true. With a dead sister, grieving parents and a long summer ahead of her, she knows that the path of true love never runs smooth.

Nix isn’t looking for love, he is actually trying to get away from it when he accidentally meets Sophia. He has a psycho ex, racist parents and many challenges on his path for true love. Oh yeah AND he’s a mermaid.

How does a mermaid survive on land? How does a human survive under water? These are only some of the obstacles that Sophia and Nix face.

After making the hardest decision of his life, Nix sets out on a quest to find the Wise Old Crab. He seems to be the only one that can help him be with Sophia. Little does he know how dangerous it is going to get.

When Sophia is kidnapped, Nix is on a race against time to find her before her oxygen runs out. Will he make it in time? Is their love worth it? Or will she die?

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