Who is Krissy V?

Krissy V is my OG pen name! I started writing back in 2013 and released my first book in 2014. Since then I have released a large number of books but haven’t released in the last year or so as I have divided my work out by genre to be more specific and keeping it all together.

I am a mother two, who are now eighteen and twenty, they keep me busy all the time. I work part-time outside of my writing and author business and so don’t have a lot of free time to write anymore. But I try to utilize my time to be able to get some writing done every day.


Mixology is a cocktail bar in the UK. It is run by the James family. Each of them has a book and very different stories.

They are naughty, steamy and you will love them.

Each chapter is named after a naughty cocktail which refers to something in that chapter.

Are you ready to check out Mixology?






Hunter James’ passions include cocktails, women, fucking,  women, cocktails, and family. This week is singles week in Mixology and Hunter is determined to enjoy all the single women throwing him the eye across the bar.

Until he sees her!

Scarlett Parrish is sick of her controlling boyfriend. He pushes her around too much and when a handsome man comes to her rescue one night; he is all she can think of.

Hunter James is the one man she shouldn’t want, but she does. He should be the one man she stays away from, but she can’t.

She didn’t count on Hunter James wanting the same thing!

Keaton James lives and breathes surfing. He loves the waves, the breeze, the feeling of floating in the air and he also loves the women that surfing attracts.
Working at Mixology, he gets more than his fair share of ‘surf bunnies’, but he dreams of being the No. 1 World Surfing Champion.

Dakota Ryan is Keaton’s main surfing rival. She too is a world-class surfing champion, who happens to not only be stunningly beautiful, she has a body that men lust over.
She’s also his arch-nemesis and she’s the only person standing in the way of his World Championship domination.

What happens when these two arch-rivals end up being washed ashore, lost, and stranded on a desert island?

Can they work together to save themselves or do they really hate each other enough to let the other one die?

Everyone thinks they know Zac James, but no-one actually really does. He likes to think that he’s pretty much an enigma. After being broken-hearted once, he learned to keep his heart closed to others. Now he’s on a path of self-destruction and there will be hell to play if anyone gets in the way.

Isabella Todd (Issy) is a party girl with a serious attitude. She knows what she wants, and she won’t stop until she gets it. Unfortunately, she has Zac in her line of sight.

Watch this toxic relationship spiral out of control, as two big ego’s fight for control.

Can Zac fight his demons one last time and can Issy let someone else rule her heart?

ZAC is book 3 in the MIXOLOGY series, but each can be read on it’s own. So if you like a hot, alpha, fighter and a confident, sassy woman, then this book is for you. Warning, it does contain off the charts hot sex, drama and lots of feels.

They don’t let other men within an inch of her and as soon as they see one heading in her direction, they move him on. She even has to pretend to be a lesbian to get them to back off.

Everything changes one night when she meets a mysterious stranger who she has an immediate attraction to. They embark on a secret, sexy relationship, but the fear of telling her brothers is always there.

The mysterious stranger, known as C, believes that he has met the woman of his dreams. She is sexy, smart, and not afraid to speak her mind. Except to her brother, Hunter.

Yet C has a dark secret.

Can their love survive? Will it tear her family apart?

Buy now to read how secrets, lies, and deception can tear relationships apart.

The James’ family are extremely close, they have to be because they all work at Mixology.

Skylar is the peacekeeper that bonds the four brothers and Ainsley together at Mixology.

He’s also the resident DJ…

But he wants more…

He’s been offered the DJ gig of a lifetime – The Ministry of Sound, in London.

Following his dream means that he has to stay in the UK instead of going with his family to Australia to support his brother, Keaton, and Dakota, in the World Surfing Championships.

With a World Championship to win, an engagement, a wedding, and news of a baby – the final installment of Mixology is set to be the best one yet.

Add into the MIX, falling for a beautiful, mysterious woman.

What will Skylar do?

Or will FATE choose for him?

Whiskey Sour

Where The Girls Are Sweet, But Their Dancing Is Not!

Whiskey Sour is an unusual place for such a diverse group of women to meet. It’s a very classy burlesque club in London’s Soho! You’ll find the most amazing women whose dancing is sensual, sexual and beautiful. Each of them has their own style and their own story to tell. You are invited to come along and meet each of the ‘Sweet Girls of Whiskey Sour’ and find out the journeys they have been on to become the women they are now.

Whiskey’s burlesque is traditional, Snow’s is ballerina type burlesque, Pinkie’s is down right cheeky burlesque and Betsey is all about the Rockabilly burlesque.

Follow these girls as they overcome their difficulties and shine on the burlesque stage at Whiskey Sour.





Follow Whiskey’s harrowing story, as she embarks on her own journey to becoming the ‘Owner’ and namesake of ‘Whiskey Sour’.

When Whiskey runs away from home, she has no idea what her future holds. She experiences things that only nightmares are made of. Fed up with running away from everything, she decides to stand up and be counted.

Her philosophy is ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!’

Whiskey Sour is her salvation and it too, becomes a haven for women who like her, needed rescuing from their tragic pasts. Whiskey soon becomes not only a mentor but a trusted confidant to her burlesque protégés…

Sawyer Callahan meets Whiskey one night…

That’s all it takes for him to fall for this sassy, beautiful, sexy woman. What lengths will he go to to find her?

Will he find her in time?

…And, will she want him if he does?

Snow is an elegant, classically trained, ballet dancer and has the potential to become a ‘Prima Ballerina’.

After coming home from a world tour to find that she has been betrayed by the one person she loved the most, she has to start her life all over again…

This time it’s not just herself she has to consider.

Spence is a hard, tough guy who is trying to change his life for the better. He has been through a tough childhood and the last thing he thinks he deserves is Snow. His beautifully elegant Snow.

Opposites really do attract!

When Snow has a chance meeting with Whiskey, she becomes ‘Whiskey Sour’s’ favorite girl.

Jennifer Hamilton-Wade is a ‘posh bit of totty’ who is being married off by her parents to ensure ‘old money’ stays in the family.

However, Jennifer doesn’t want to be smothered in a marriage of convenience.

Enter Pinkie, Jennifer’s alter-ego.

Pinkie is everything Jennifer isn’t. She’s sexy, naughty, and very daring. She does things that Jennifer wouldn’t even dream about.

Nate is the DJ at Whiskey Sour and he can have any woman he wants, whenever he wants and whoever, he wants. And he does … regularly!

When he sets his eyes on Pinkie he just has to have her and he doesn’t care who she’s with.

Follow this highly charged story from the sleepy suburbs of London to the inner city home of Whiskey Sour.

Sexy. Flirtatious. Tempting.

Betsey is a living, breathing, fifties chick. She loves the movies, the songs, the clothes, and the lifestyle.

Being a nurse she likes to look after others and when her Grampy gets sick she will do anything to make him happy.

Even it means putting her own happiness on the line.

Billie is slick, gorgeous, funny, and extremely sexy. Telling jokes, singing, a great compere, and she’s the newest member of the Whiskey Sour crew.

Follow their story of forbidden love, rejection, and heartbreak for the ones they love.

Read on to find out if Betsey can see past their differences and embrace her sexuality.

Romantic Suspense

Wanderlust - Duet



Take a deep breath and inhale…

Finding the love of your life isn’t always easy.

But for Fia and Tyler, they found each other in college.

Their dreams are big, and they waste no time in making those dreams a reality. They want to open their own travel agency.

This is where Wanderlust is born.

They decide to travel the world for three months, get the lay of the land.

Tyler couldn’t be happier. He’s got everything he’s ever wanted.

But Fia is hiding something.

She has secrets she doesn’t want Tyler to know about.

Unfortunately, her past is about to catch up to her.

Their trip of a lifetime leaves their lives hanging in the balance…

Exhale and let it all out….

One shot was all it took to break Fia’s heart. She’s all alone and knows that if she’s to survive, she’s got to be tough.

Having been captured by General Emilio for ransom and losing Ty, she’s close to breaking point.

But Fia isn’t the only one with secrets, someone she met recently was hiding something and lucky for her it might just save her life.

Can she make it home safely on her own?

Will her dreams for Wanderlust ever happen?

Omertá - Mafia


Omertá Christmas

There are no second chances.

That was the boss’ motto.

And I should know.

I’ve been acting as his enforcer for the past three years.

In that time I’ve learned that it takes 25 pounds of pressure to break a small bone, but a nose will break with half that.

I’ve learned the best way to protect my hands is by implementing weapons.

And most recently, I’ve learned that I’m not immune to my boss’ wrath, especially when I disappoint him… like the day I refused to teach Tatiana Petrova a lesson and instead tried to hide her away.

Now we’re on the run, but I’m ready to make a stand. This enforcer is a force of nature. And it’s time for the boss to feel my wrath.

Will love or loyalty win?



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