Who is Summer Vegas?

Summer Winters is my MM Romance pen name.

I wanted to separate my other books and stick to my lane, as some people say. So why not start a new pen name for a new genre.

If you like steamy, sexy and sometimes taboo romance then welcome to Vegas!

Club Desire

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Hot Whiskey Nights - Club Desire

A Love Affair with my Boss

Dancing for Daddy

Double Trouble



Agreeing to a one-night stand with no names or numbers shared sounds like a good idea, right?

Well, for Sin it didn’t work out that way. He wishes he had swapped information with the sexy man he had spent the night with on Valentine’s night. He had gone on a blind date that his friend set him up for. It was magical and for sure the best night of his life.

A few days later he’s shocked when the other guy walks into his nightclub and pretends like he doesn’t know him while a beautiful woman hangs off him. Sin is furious when he ignores him. But he is in for a shock.

Looks like Sin will be seeing more of his mystery man as he’s just announced to all the staff at the night club that he is their new boss.

Can they get along? Who is the woman?

When Chase goes to Club Desire one night and sees the new barman, Drake, he tells Sin to get rid of him or he’s not coming back.

Chase is Drake’s step-father and he doesn’t want to be in the same room as Drake.

Fate intervenes, or it might be the fact that Chase bought all the raffle tickets, and when he wins a lap dance from Drake because he didn’t want him to dance for anyone else.

But when Drake dances for Chase, it changes their relationship forever.

Can Drake trust Chase and his sexuality? What happens when Drake’s mom turns up at Chase’s house? Why is she there and can Drake get over the betrayal?

Club Desire has a reputation for matching soulmates, has it struck again or are Drake and Chase not destined to be together?

When Reggie has to go back to his hometown to look after his sick mom, he knows that he is going to bump into the Brooklyn twins.

At Club Desire he sees them and try to ignore him, but then a chance encounter brings them together.

Can they make a relationship work between the three of them? Can Reggie handle the twins? What happens when someone threatens to destroy their throuple?

Can the three of them overcome the feeling of betrayal? Can they be together?

Blurb coming soon

Blurb coming soon

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