Who is Summer Winters?

Summer Winters is my MC and Mafia pen name. 

I wanted to separate my other books and stick to my lane, as some people say. So why not start a new pen name for a new genre.

If you like gritty, steamy romance then you are on the right page.

Black Saints MC

Follow the whole series of the Black Saints MC. There are tears, kidnaps, deaths and much more.

Can Razor, President of the Black Sains MC keep his family together?

Will the brothers be able to keep their women safe?

Dive right in and find out.

Bewitching the Biker

Shared by the Bikers

Biker Blind Date

Biker Dadd's Sweet Treat

Piper's Biker


Resident nice girl and not much of a party girl, Rosie is not amused when she finds herself at a Halloween Party held in the Dark Saints MC Clubhouse. A place she never wanted to go. Her BFF, Meg, who is a resident partygoer in the clubhouse, thinks she will enjoy it if she just doesn’t think about it and chills out.

Little did she know her night was about to go from heaven to hell in a blink of an eye. She didn’t sign up for a murder, a kidnap and a one-night stand.


He loves any kind of party in the clubhouse, it doesn’t matter if it’s themed or not. A party means drink and women and as long as Razor has that he’s a happy man. Until a small bombshell dressed as a witch steps into his life and tips it upside down.

He will do whatever it takes to save Rosie, even if he has to go all alpha on her.

Can these opposites make it work or will something keep stopping them from being together?

Part of the Halloween Party Series (AB Shared World)

Book Blurb

Being rescued by one biker is hot, but two is something that Meg only dreams about. And when they don’t come and find her straight away she really thinks that they’ve forgotten about her.

When Meghan is taken by her psycho ex, Cash and Ramsey will do everything they can to find her and bring her home.

When a snowstorm rolls in over the mountains, they take their life in their hands to find the woman they love. Going against their prez is the least of their worries when they find their true love.

Can Meghan get past how long it took the two hot and gorgeous bikers to find her? Will she stay alive when her ex tries to find her?

Can Cash and Ramsey keep her safe and are they man enough to take on the sassy, sexy Meghan?

BLIND DATE. SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE. SECRET BABY – three tropes all wrapped up in a heart-shaped Valentine’s box.

Going on a blind date is the last thing Lily-Rose wants. When her friend, Jules, sets her up through a dating app, Lily-Rose nearly doesn’t go.

When she gets there and finds out who her date is, she nearly walks out of the door.

How the hell did she end up on a blind date with a biker? Not just any biker, but the man she hasn’t stopped thinking about since their one-night stand years ago.

Mason can’t believe his eyes when he sees that his sister has set him up on a blind date with the one woman he has never got over. He knows that he needs to show up to the date and make a good impression. He is not going to let her walk away from him without knowing her number this time.

Can they make it work? Can he forgive her? Can he protect her?

When Jules’ bakery is burnt down, Pops slips into protector mode. He’s old enough to be her father, so it’s only natural, right?

Unfortunately, Jules’ past has caught up with her and she needs the protection of the Black Saints MC.

Pops knows that he shouldn’t have these feelings towards the 20 years younger baker. His wife died years before and he swore he would never love another woman. But he wasn’t banking on the woman who makes sweet treats being a feisty, sassy, sexy woman.

When tragedy strikes the Black Saints MC, can Jules stay strong and be the woman Pops needs?

Can the MC free Jules from her horrendous past? Can Pops be the daddy that Jules wasn’t looking for?

Piper’s coming home from her recent tour of duty when she is kidnapped, and trafficked.

When she falls through the door of the Black Saints MC clubhouse, she doesn’t know if they are going to kill her or save her. But she has something they want. Information on Prez’s sister, Mallory, who has been missing for two years.

While she battles her demons she has to relive the last six months to help them find her best friend and bring her home safe.

The last thing Piper expected was to fall in love. Will she ever make it home to her family? Or will she find her home in the MC?

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Brick - Black Saints MC

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